Handy Work

Not only are we expert renovators, we can help with your homes’ handy work!

Your home is constantly moving and changing – either with kids or moving rooms or furniture. There’s ALWAYS work to be done on any given day to any given room. We take the time to assess your needs and make the most of your home.

What your handy work will get:

  • The ability to fix anything from doors to windows to kitchen cabinetry to flooring makeovers.
  • Our experience with custom tiling, both for the bathroom floor and shower area is precise and exact and will dazzle anyone that enters.
  • Custom craftsmanship and cabinetry for your bathroom can turn a drab room into something magnificent
  • Recommendations for master plumbers to ensure your bathroom can contain leaks and standard plumbing code
  • HVAC recommendations for your bathroom exhaust system
  • Selection of paint colors and how they contrast to your tiling
  • Much, much more!