How to build a Custom Bathroom Cabinet

How to build a Custom Bathroom Cabinet

custom bathroom cabinetRecently a customer came to me with a project that might seem out of scope for a general contractor: a custom bathroom cabinet.

Now in order to build a custom bathroom cabinet, it takes precise measurements, the customers’ intentions and color scheme in mind and resources for the necessary materials.

With a custom bathroom cabinet, the customer now has brand new shelving in a smaller than normal bathroom. It gives them a comfortable bathroom with instant additional space.

Here are the steps to follow when building your custom bathroom cabinet:

Measure Accordingly

As obvious as it sounds, being precise when it comes to measuring the exact size and shape the cabinet can often be cumbersome and impractical. A good general contractor should always measure to absolute exact measurements so your new vanity can fit comfortably and look equally as beautiful.

Added resources and hardware

Being a custom build, the drawers will be built from scratch but there are always pre-assembled options that a customer can purchase. As a contractor, we make sure your new bathroom cabinet fits the motif of the bathroom, full with matching paints and other fixtures in the room.

Building with the right material

When building a custom cabinet, there are a plethora of options for materials – such as wood, metal or even glass. Exact measurements are crucial to your build, but ensuring the safety and durability of your new vanity should also be taken into account.


Creating your new cabinet will require a knowledgeable contractor who, pardon the pun, know about the nuts and bolts of the project and how to properly install it. Your bathroom deserves the utmost care and should be handled as such with the tender love and care only a certified contractor can bring.

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